As the Local Government Association reviewed its internal communications offering, The Press Gallery was engaged to support the Association in relation to media and public relations activities during a six-month transition period.


The Press Gallery was tasked with raising the profile of incoming CEO Matt Pinnegar and building his credibility and profile as a key commentator. This included building relationships with key journalists on behalf of the LGA, as well as creating proactive campaigns which were strategic but also generated positive publicity for the Association.


The Press Gallery supported the Association to take several critical steps to better promote and protect its brand. Through a comprehensive and targeted strategy including social media advice, we helped ensure more balanced reporting of issues involving the LGA and assisted the Association to build and maintain relationships with media outlets across South Australia.

Proactive campaigns and media opportunities were created to attract positive publicity for the services and input of local government providers in South Australia. This included a suite of stories across television, radio and print media on topics including rubble royalties, the NRM levy, block clearing, Australia Day events and services, boundary reform, the LGA review and the Shandong Trade Forum.

Services provided:

  •         Media management
  •         Strategic communications and publications
  •         Stakeholder  engagement
  •         Crisis and issues management

    “I’ve found The Press Gallery to be an efficient, well-connected and contemporary offering.”

    Local Government Association, CEO Matt Pinnegar