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When first meeting with clients, we are often asked how much will the editorial cost. Our reply? “It’s just our time to develop the story and get it to the right media for you. We are in the content business – i.e. identifying and developing news worthy stories for our clients and targeting the right
It’s a question PR consultants are asked almost on a daily basis – what makes you special? And then for journalists who have made the switch to the ‘dark side’- why is the fact that you were a journalist the reason that we should hire you? It’s a straightforward answer if we’re putting no spin
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With more than 17 million monthly active Facebook users recorded in Australia last month, it’s easy to think you and your company simply might get lost in the digital crowd. Social, in all its varying shapes and forms, is where your audience in this day and age lives and breathes. They’re on phones, tablets and laptops, on
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Every so often, if you listen closely, you’ll hear a social or digital specialist cry out in despair. Why you ask? Facebook has tweaked its algorithm of course. Facebook’s News Feed algorithm is as brilliant as it is scary. In a nutshell, it controls what you see, when you see it, how often you see
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The Press Gallery | How can I help with my PR?
  When you put your all into your business, venture or event, it is only natural to want to shout about it from the rooftops. And shout you should. Successful operations have large investments attached to them. Not just financial ones, either. But expressing the depth of personal investment in what you have created can
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